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Scott Paulsen

Farewell to Two Ugly Decades

Farewell to Two Ugly Decades

Farewell, Derek Bell. Goodbye, Operation Shutdown. May we never again have to witness a bad team, listless players, inept management, absent ownership. May we never again draft a player we can afford rather than the best player available. May the mistakes of the past decades never return.


Farewell, Jason Kendall. Goodbye Brian Giles, Kevin Young and the rest of the “good old boys” network of the 1990’s that made the Pirates locker room a cancerous, exclusive cesspool where young talent was derided. May the aspirations of teammates who dare to dream be given a place to grow and never be suffocated again.


Farewell, Cam Bonifay. Goodbye, Dave Littlefield. May we never have to trade Jason Schmidt, draft Bryan Bullington, sign Pat Meares, hire John Russell or pop champagne for NOT losing 100 games. May the words “five year plan” never be uttered publicly again, whether or not a plan exists.


Farewell, losing. Goodbye to 7 double plays turned against you (June 16, 1994: Cardinals), being on the wrong end of a 20-0 game (April 22, 2010: Brewers), dropping 105 games in one year (2010) and 13-game losing streaks (June 15-28, 2006). May losses only serve as rare lessons, never to return as accepted results.


Farewell, two ugly decades. Welcome, new era.


The Pittsburgh Pirates.


Say it loud. We’re back. And we’re proud.



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