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The Ataris
The Ataris
Welcome the Night

Original Release Date:  February 20, 2007

Track Listing
  • 1. Not Capable of Love
  • 2. Cardiff-by-the-Sea
  • 3. New Year's Day
  • 4. Secret Handshakes
  • 5. The Cheyenne Line
  • 6. And We All Become Like Smoke
  • 7. Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies
  • 8. Whatever Lies Will Help You Rest
  • 9. From the Last, Last Call
  • 10. When All Else Fails, It Fails
  • 11. A Soundtrack for This Rainy Morning
  • 12. Begin Again from the Beginning
  • 13. Act V, Scene IV: And So It Ends Like It Begins
  • Nick Launay: Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
  • Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
  • The Ataris: Audio Production
  • Bob Hoag: Percussion, Piano, Composer, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes, Group Member
  • Angus Cooke: Percussion, Cello, Composer, Electric Cello
  • Paul David Hager: Mixing
  • Thomas Flowers: Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
  • Atom Greenspan: Assistant Engineer, Audio Engineer
  • Kris Roe: Composer
  • John Collura: Guitar, Piano, Composer, Group Member
  • Keith Bogart: Guitar Technician
  • Ian MacGregor: Assistant Engineer
  • Paul Carabello: Guitar, Percussion, Composer, Vocals, Group Member
  • Sean Hansen: Bass, Percussion, Composer, Drums, Vocals, Group Member
  • Shane Chikeles: Percussion, Drums, Group Member
  • Nick Fournier: Audio Engineer
  • Shane Chickeles: Percussion, Drums
  • Ian Mcgregor: Audio Engineer
  • Tim Devine: A&R
  • Kristopher Roe: Guitar, Percussion, Theremin, Vocals
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